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Special Collection Rocking Horses
First Edition


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"Fancy" is a one of a kind horse made special by a number of construction features.  The most important of these, and as far as I know completely unique in rocking horse construction, is the use of what I call "block inlay" of different hardwoods in the saddle area.  This means that when I am constructing the original "block" before carving, blocks of contrasting woods are carefully placed in the area where the saddle will be.  When these are then carved, the saddle and saddle blanket are a different wood and color than the main body of the horse. Fancy-GerlingCollector2000RockingHorseview4.jpg (39160 bytes)
Fancy-GerlingCollector2000RockingHorseview6.jpg (48002 bytes) This is the first horse I have made using this new technique. In Fancy's case, the raised saddle is carved from Padauk, also known as African Mahogany. This rarely seen wood naturally turns a beautiful reddish brown color with a hint of purple when oiled. The saddle blanket is Black Walnut, a naturally rich blackish brown color. The main body, as well as the boards of the rocking platform, are carved from specially chosen Birds-Eye Maple, which is known for it's beautiful markings, (click detail photo to right). The rockers are laminated Birch plywood for extra strength.
The breastplate on the leather martingale is a beautifully detailed piece of genuine silver plate and black enamel. There are matching "conchos" on the black walnut saddle blanket and on the nose piece. Additional silver and black strap decorations are riveted on the shoulder leather. (Please click photo to right for details) Fancy-GerlingCollector2000RockingHorseview2.jpg (47720 bytes)
Fancy-GerlingCollector2000RockingHorseview5.jpg (48025 bytes) "Fancy" to be first in a very limited line of Special Collection rocking horses, each using different combinations of choice and exotic woods for the carved saddle, blanket and body combination.

This rocking horse is sold. For updated costs on special horses, please go to our store and select the style you would like.

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